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190 O'Connor Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K2P 2R3
Tel: 613.230.3337
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Home Affiliates

The Halifax Group affiliates include;

Nicom IT Solutions Inc.       

Nicom IT Solutions is the largest independent IT consulting firm in Nova Scotia, providing management consulting, software development, web design and implementation, and technical support services. Since 1982 Nicom has helped customers with strategy, infrastructure decisions, software procurements, and data warehouse implementations.

Transpolar Technology Corporation       

Transpolar Technology Corporation delivers modern management practices and expertise, information technologies (IT), and the complete spectrum of associated disciplines while maintaining its traditional values of honesty, humility, respect for all peoples sharing and acceptance of responsibility.

The Novus Consulting Group       

The Novus Consulting Group is a management consulting company that has the experience, knowledge and methodologies which allow them to work with companies to solve tough management challenges. Their collaborative process ensures results reflect your business values, resources and aspirations. Their focus on action will ensure the steps necessary to realizing the benefits identified are built into a realistic plan that your business can follow.


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