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Neo360 is the most comprehensive specialized Needle Exchange, Supervised Consumption and Naloxone Monitoring system in North America.

Needle Exchange Highlights


  • Users define all aspects of needle exchange functionality
  • Completely anonymousRecord all items given to and returned by clientsFacility to retrospectively enter needle exchange transactionsFor all clients record BBV, needle and paraphernalia sharing status, demographic, referral and drug taking historyNeedle exchange and client diariesRecord client progress notesNews and alertsComprehensive histories of every presentation and needle exchange transactionComprehensive reportingComprehensive invoicing
  • 24 hour a day 7 days a week access


Stock Control and E Ordering Highlights


The latest version of Neo includes complete stock management and e ordering. Neo now allows you to:

  • Maintain stock levels for every individual item or packSet maximum and minimum stock levels for any item or packSet maximum number of items or packs that can be given to a  client in any one single transactionTraffic light warnings on the transaction screen highlighting items that are approaching minimum stock levelInform you supplier automatically via email that you require new stockE order new stock direct from your supplierFull audit trail of all stock control transactionsComprehensive invoicing, direct to commissioners, for all enhanced services under taken
  • Comprehensive reporting on enhanced service activity


Naloxone Highlights


  • Users define all aspects of Naloxone functionality
  • Record client contact details
  • Record referral details including, name and contact details of referrer, BBV status, opiate use, overdose history and risk behaviours
  • Create user defined Naloxone training packages
  • Record date, location of Naloxone training along with the contact details of the trainer
  • Record external Naloxone training and proof of training
  • Record client consent
  • Record Naloxone supply details including date of supply, the Naloxone kit supplied, Naloxone batch numbers and expiry dates, prescriber, reasons for resupply, where, when and to whom the Naloxone was administered
  • Automated recalls for re training, Naloxone batch recalls and out of date Naloxone
  • Dispensing drug store/pharmacy and client diaries
  • Record client progress notes
  • News and alerts
  • Comprehensive histories all Naloxone activity
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Comprehensive invoicing
  • 24 hour a day 7 days a week access


Supervised Consumption Highlights


  • Users define all aspects of supervised consumption functionality
  • Record all supervised drugs including dose and prescriber
  • Facility to retrospectively enter supervised consumption transactions
  • Schedule pickups from prescription
  • For all clients record BBV, needle and paraphernalia sharing status, demographic, referral and drug taking history
  • Pharmacy and client diaries
  • Record client progress notes
  • Facility to search on non-medical prescribers
  • News and alerts
  • Comprehensive histories of every presentation and supervised consumption transaction
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Comprehensive invoicing
  • 24 hour a day 7 days a week access

Reporting Highlights


Perhaps the most over looked feature of many electronic systems is reporting.

No matter how good the user facing functionality is, if you can't quickly and efficiently generate reports then there is little point in using it.  Neo has been designed with management reporting as a primary requirement.  With neo you can quickly and easily produce reports for your Health Authorities, Provincial and Federal Governments, funding agencies, and research organisations. Here is a sample of our standard reports:

  • Age range
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • New registered users
  • Substances used
  • Reason for referral
  • BBV vaccinations
  • BBV status
  • Last BBV test
  • Source of referral
  • Onward referral recommendations
  • Number of users in structured treatment
  • Items dispensed
  • Postal district
  • Service user notes
  • Paraphernalia sharing status
  • Aggregated data 

 Enhanced Services Highlights


The neo enhanced services module allows the user to create and monitor any number of enhanced services, for any number of “commissioners”, for any number of locations. 

  • User defined commissioners with specify PO and contract numbers for accurate invoicing/reporting
  • Create any number of enhanced service protocols and embed user defined policy and procedure guidance
  • Create any number of tasks or instructions for an enhanced service
  • All tasks or instructions are linked to a commissioner
  • Each task or instruction can be gender and or age specific
  • User defined aged related warnings for any task or instruction
  • User defined fee allocated to each task or instruction
  • Create up to three levels of dependency for each task e.g. in order to provide OTC Meds the Pharmacist must first conduct an assessment and then check for any allergies


For more information Contact Mike Arnold 613-293-8125 or

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